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The Best Logo Designing Trends in Present Day

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When it comes to the question of logo designing in Delhi, there are quite a few creative advertising agencies in Delhi that do a commendable job. The logo of your company has to reflect not only the name of the company but also its characteristics and values. Let us take a look at the trends in the last five years in logo design. We will find that they have evolved over time.

Simplified Logos

A lot of businesses today make use of simplified logos that are neat and uncluttered. This has made the job of logo designers a bit easier as all they need to do is think outside the box for a while to come up with a logo. An example of this would be the new MasterCard logo that we see nowadays.

Breaking Letters

Because each logo consists of letters, many designers have tried to present the logo by cutting these letters to give it a new look and make it fetching to the eye. It might seem like a straightforward task, but the designers tend to disagree, their argument being that they have to keep many parameters in mind while doing so.

Hand Drawn Logos

Hand-drawn logos had peaked since 2016. While hand-drawn logos are self-explanatory, they have had massive success in pulling customers towards their business. The design will demand a lot of skill land creativity, but in the hands of an expert logo creator, it will blossom and flower.


Vintage-style logos have come roaring back into business with their old-world charm. A lot of businesses today are turning towards these logos and with good reason. is a very reputable Digital Marketing company in Delhi that has a dedicated logo designing team and they will do their best to help you with designing a logo for your company.

22 Aug 2018 By i347 Online
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