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How we approch digital projects

We’ll put our years of expertise that will promote your business at its best.

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During our initial meeting, we will look at your current market position and set some clear goals of what you want to achieve with your internet marketing. We will also talk about search engine optimisation, the different technologies available to you and methods for attracting visitors to your website. We'll take the information we get from this meeting to take a clear look at how best to meet your needs.


We will Sit down to talk to you

You will Discuss what you want to get from the internet


We at iBrandox listen to our clients attentively, get well accustomed to their demands and respond effectively. We are committed to offer them cost-efficient and strategic solutions tuned to create value for their business. We respect our clients and give utmost importance to their point of view.


We treat our clients with care and courtesy. Subsequent to listening the client and analyzing his needs, we collectively and strategically knock our brains on how to give his idea a kick-start.

The work on your new website begins by setting out its architecture in a very simple way - known as a wireframe. This will indicate the priority of elements discussed at the initial meeting and map content, structure and how users will access information. We will also work out what we need from you to put together the site (and in what file format) and supply you with a breakdown of costs and a proposed schedule of works.

With the site structure agreed and all content received, our design team will begin putting together the first draft of the home page. All elements of the user experience will be considered, such as how buttons, menus and any interactivity will work We'll select appropriate typography, colour schemes, images and videos, all to enhance your brand's identity. The design will then be submitted to you for your comments and we will amend the design until it is exactly right for you.


To come up with an intelligent idea is an important aspect of prospering business. We opt to put our heads together and provide relevant suggestions and distinctive insights pertaining to a particular project. Our suggestions are taken into close consideration and further assessed for better conclusion.


Subsequent to intense brainstorming by our professional developers, we structure a rough layout of your project, get it proofread, aligned and polished as per your requirements. We then send across the layout to clients for approval. Your feedback helps us to mark our right track.


After we have reached a solution, we tend to walk through formulate advanced strategies to give a blow to our endeavor. Developing strategies is a way to get things fall straight in place and get a sense of available opportunities worldwide. We tend to bridge the gap between our objectives and game plan to reach them.

Project Delivery

 Last but not the least, we deliver what we commit. Our focus remains on standing up to your expectations and delivering on our promise to provide effective solutions with a view to take your business to a next level of success. 

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