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How to Create a Powerful Brand Identity?

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Any good creative advertising agency in Delhi will tell you that branding is the heart and soul of the company you own. It is the most fundamental way of differentiating yourself from the rest of the competition. The brand identity will influence customer experience at every point.  It is the grand sum of how the brand feels looks and speaks. And these elements are the deciding factors behind them selecting your brand over the others in the market.

What is a brand Identity?

The brand identity is the total whole and composite of the elements which shape how your brand is perceived. There are some practical elements attached to it as well and packaging designing companies in Delhi are aware of this. The practical elements are the design and the packaging while the other elements are those of the senses, how your product looks, feels and smells. The visual elements are as follows;
  • Logo
  • Color palette
  • Iconography
  • Typography
  • Design systems
  • Graphics and photography.

Process behind the identity of the band

When a branding design company in Delhi gets the brief from the client, each and every phase of the project is approached with a philosophical and quite critical point of view. Here is a breakup of the stages;


This is the most laborious stage of the whole process.  It takes a huge amount of time, energy as well as considerable manpower. But it is essential in order to build the foundation upon which the visual language will rest. This stage is marked by intensive research about the brand, its values, and its story. Brochure design company in Delhi are known to take this stage quite seriously when designing brochures for the company involved. In order to build the brand persona, a few questions need to be answered.

Who is the audience?

It is very important for the packaging designing company in Delhi to know exactly what segment of the population will be the company’s target. The creative agency needs to know what are the needs, vales and wants of that segment of the population and work in such a way that these requirements seem to be fulfilled by the company.

Who is the competition?

Any good brand designing company in Delhi will tell you that a brand identity is about differentiation, where the brand will be made relevant, visible and unique. If the competition is not researched, the brand stands the chance of blending into the competition, and that is not what you would want.

Visual Ideation

In this stage, text based data is converted into visual representations, and most often, the information gathered is full of the company’s ideas, story, challenges and goals. Packaging designing company in Delhi translates these into word clouds by using creative teams who are experienced in brainstorming.

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