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How to Create a Winning Logo?

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When you have a business that’s on the rise, or even if you’re starting out, it’s essential that you are taken seriously by customers and competition alike. Creating a winning logo for your brand is one of the most basic things that are required of a business. No one is going to remember the details of your business, they don’t need to; as long as customers instantly identify your logo with your brand, and it’s a job well done. Here’s how to go about creating a winning logo. A word of caution though, logo designing and creation is best left in the hands of professionals who are highly adept in creative thinking.

Begin with your story

The buyers of today connect far more easily to a story than to cold and hard facts. The story of your company is like its soul. It is also the reason why you’re doing business. So try to have an interesting story that generates both uniqueness as well as curiosity. Take Nike for example. You actually connect with the big swoosh logo and say to yourself, “Just do it”. That’s an example of logo power at its best.

Brainstorming and sketching ideas

Once your story is defined clearly, you need to convey it properly to the professionals charged with creating your logo. Some of the things to keep in mind are that the logo design should not be too complicated; the colors used should not exceed 3 and avoidance of generic clip art. After the logo has been designed, get back to family and friends and see how the feedback is. This stage of logo designing generally takes a bit of switching to and fro between ideas, so try to be on top of your game here.

Developing layout for the logo design

The layout of the logo is crucial to the success of the design as a whole. There should be consistent spacing, and you need to consider beforehand where you’re going to display the logo. They could be on websites, billboards, printouts, t-shirts among other places. Regardless of where it is going to be displayed, the logo has to be consistent in appearance.

Versatile colors

This is something you need to pay attention to. There will be innumerable occasions in the future when your logo will have a dark background or a very light background for that matter. Your logo’s color should be versatile enough to be effortlessly seen, without straining the eyes.

The font

The font of the logo will convey a lot to the people and remember that the best logo designers do not use generic fonts that can be easily lifted for other purposes by someone else. Your choice of font is going to be a decisive one, take your time and decide which one to use among the many samples you have at hand.

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30 Nov 2017 By i347 Online
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