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The beautiful logos have been representing the religious or cultural segments around the world for centuries. The royalties or political parties also acknowledge the power of logos and use the logos to represent their uniqueness while delivering certain messages to the people. The logos have a powerful influence in the commercial world similar to the social or political arenas. It is impossible for a brand to create a unique identity amidst similar products without a sensational logo.

Bridging Brands to Users

The corporate logos work as the chief representatives of the brands, as they can deliver the brands’ main principles and purpose to the people. Thus, logos work as the bridge of communication between the consumers and businesses. The logo of Eveready Company shows a ‘cat passing through the loop of number nine’ and it represents the power of the batteries. Eveready tries to use the ‘cat has nine lives’ phrase to show the longevity of their batteries and they have successfully delivered this message to people for decades. Every logo delivers a separate message to the viewers working as the representative of a brand.

Describing Functional Purpose

It is also possible for a brand to highlight its functional benefits to the consumers with its logo. For example, the brand ‘Apple’ uses the logo of a bitten apple which speaks about the company’s inclination towards different commercial approaches or making innovative products. The ‘Swoosh’ sign of Nike speaks about vitality and relentless activity with the tagline ‘Just Do It’ reinforcing the power of promptness. Thus, every logo describes the purpose or vision of a company or service-provider through images or a combination of textual and imagery graphics.

Dismissing the Trends

Sometimes it is prudent to walk the untrodden paths in order to get noticed among st the crowd. It is possible for a brand to accrue the attention of mass by foregoing the trend of the niche. Apple has proven its usefulness, as its logo looks significantly different from other technical brands. However, it is equally important to maintain conformity with the brand’s purpose when trying to look unique. A renowned oil-company recently changed its logo in order to present itself as the supporter of greener environment; however, oil and greenness do not go hand-in-hand. This deviation caused more harm to company’s image, as it made the brand look like a hypocrite. Therefore, a different approach during logo-designing can help businesses catch the attention of people with either positive or negative response.

More Attention with Less Addition

When it comes to logos, the less is more, as they can turn the focus by creating balance of colors and illustrations. A research shows that around 90% of popular logos use no taglines and around 75% of popular logos use monochromatic format. These data prove the effectiveness of simplicity during logo designing. It takes years of experience for the graphic designer to deliver a powerful message through a simple, attractive and unique logo. A balanced logo can create more sensation in people’s mind upon completion than thousands of words. It is impossible to attain commercial growth or expansion without a magical logo. prides itself on its professionalism and timely work. It has a great team of creative thinkers and logo designers who go out of the way to listen to your requirements and then faithfully hammer out ideas for the logo over long hours of creative sessions. If you want a logo designing company that has been in business for a number of years and boasts impeccable pedigree,, located in Gurgaon, is your go to place.

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