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What are The Characteristics of Good Design?

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Good design is very hard to come by. But when it does, it stands apart from the crowd and catches the eye, immediately making an impression upon the observer. Good brand designing company in Delhi makes sure that the following factors figure in their design.


Great design is one of its kinds! It simply has not been seen anywhere else before. Creative advertising agency in Delhi has the trait of good customization. When you pitch an idea for your website or business, the creative teams get their heads together for brainstorming and coming up with good and presentable ideas to make it stand apart from the competition. A lot of them spend time over paper and pencil, away from technology, in order not to be influenced by designs of others.


When you have a cohesive design, it would mean that your branding is visible as well as fluid through every aspect of business that you conduct. A products packaging designing company in Delhi takes this into consideration when they start with the designing. This cohesiveness extends from the marketing brochures to your own website and also to the client welcome package. The effect should be such that when the client looks at the pieces separately, he would immediately associate it with your company.


If you are successful in creating a design which is simple yet straightforward, you are on the right track to creating something ‘familiar’. If you notice the logos of big companies like Nike, BMW, Apple etc. you immediately see what I’m talking about here. The priority of a packaging designing company in Delhi is to create the overall image which lasts in people’s memories. In this manner, when a person requires the services your company has to offer, they’ll come to you.

Timeless and Adaptable

The future is always uncertain and nobody knows what it holds. So it is best to go for designs that will withstand the ravages of time. Advertising agency in Delhi endeavor to live up to this mark and try to adapt the designs so that they are rugged and able to undergo changes. You can also consider color designs v/s black and white. However it’s entirely possible that situations will arise when you need both variants, so get both color and b/w designs ready. Trends come and go within a period of 5-6 months and it is impossible to change designs every time. So stick to simple designs that are long lasting and effective.


This is contrary to the timeless concept and most suited to new payers who are entering the market in a business that is geared towards the younger generation. This is where trends have a big part to play and brochure design company in Delhi, when required, follow the current trend and use cutting edge design to stay ahead of the crowd.

i347 is a renowned creative designing company in Delhi and it has successfully navigated the choppy waters of branding and designing for over 7 years. It is an excellent company if you want fast, responsive and timely work to be done when you decide to entrust the design of your company to the hands of professionals.

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