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What to look for in a Brochure Design Company?

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If you are the owner of a company, you’ll need to have brochures to spread the word about your business. Ask any good brochure designing company in Delhi and they’ll tell you that it’s a hell of a tricky task. It can consume a lot of time because you have to convey the gist of your matter in a short space, a task undoubtedly for professionals. Giving the masses brochures of your company is one of the oldest advertising tactics, and is still as effective as it was before.

Here’s what you have to keep in mind while choosing the right designing company.


Creativity lies at the core of a brochure design, and common sense dictates that you also invest in the same brand design company in Delhi. When you give the creative team the brief, they will start to draw up various ideas and designs for your brochure. They will revert to you with their best designs and take your feedback to improve upon their prototypes.

First impressions

You can easily judge the capabilities of the creative advertising agency in Delhi when they present you with their first samples. First impressions are lasting ones and a person usually tends to go with that. Even then, if you can see good promise in the initial presentations, it is not a bad idea to wait for them to improve upon what they have done in the beginning. You have to understand that the creative design phase is a loop, where inputs from you are vital to make the best impact.


The experience of a brochure designing company in Delhi matters when you approach them. The older and more established ones normally have an experience of about 5 years and have the best creative teams on board, who are well trained and imaginative.

Different types of brochures

In general you will find 4 different standard types of brochures being offered by brand designing company in Delhi. They are; Single Page, Two Sided, Four Sided and Catalogues. When you hunt for a designing company, look for one that offers all of these options, this will give you ample room for customizations and tweaks. Again, brochures are made from thick and glossy paper that can withstand a bit of rough handling. Choose a company that offers this kind of paper at a reasonable rate, because you’ll probably need to print a lot of them.

Portfolio of the company

When you hold initial talks with the brochure designing company in Delhi, ask them to show you the samples of previous work done for clients. Ask how long it took them to deliver work for previous clients and also see if you can unearth any more additional information about their previous work experience.

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