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An Overview of Web Design & Its Essential Components

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Web design is a meaningful process of collecting information and composing ideas as well as aesthetically presenting those across the World Wide Web. Guided by specific principles, a website is designed to fulfill the pre-set purposes. A website is designed to supply accessible information to the end-users who need a web browser to visit the web pages.

A website design can be compared with a compound. Just like a chemical compound, it is made of different elements. The key components of a website are discussed below:


It seamlessly merges graphics, texts, and ads. With the purpose of providing information in a way that the users can easily get what they are looking for, a functional website designing layout features the right aesthetic charm, consistency, and balance.


Graphics is the catchiest part of any web page. It integrates visual elements including, logos, clip art, icons, photos etc. A designer needs to ensure that these visual elements are placed appropriately on the web page so that user-friendliness is not compromised. Using too many graphics will not only create a ‘visual jam’ but also take time to load the content. A creative web designs expert is very finical about the choice of graphics and their placement.


Anything from simple ‘black and white’ to bold hues is worth using only if the selection rightly projects the image of the brand. It is important to remember at this point that the purpose is never to create a rainbow on the web page and using too many colors unnecessarily will detract from the otherwise cool charm of the website.


According to the reputed Web Design Delhi India companies, using various fonts adds to the appeal of the website. Sticking to “web-safe fonts” is a good idea as many web browsers find only a few fonts readable. Most professionals work within the range of widely accepted fonts.


The word ‘content’ here refers to visual and textual compositions created and assembled together to reach the messages to the target customers. Both the content should complete and complement each other, offer relevance to the business ethics, practices, and product as well as project the organizational goals.

Good content needs to maintain a balance between originality, aesthetics, and functionality while incorporating suitable keywords to make the website friendly with the search engines. However, a professional web design expert like i347 sprinkles the keywords throughout the content and avoids ‘keyword stuffing’.

An interactive, user-friendly, crispy, catchy, and informative website developed by offers an immersive experience to potentials customers and fulfills your return-investment expectation.

04 Feb 2019 By i347 Online
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